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Jill Edwards has been helping corporates improve public speaking, pitching and presenting for over twenty five years. Your team can learn how to improve their presentation skills and their communication skills from the world of stand-up comedy. A presentation skills workshop with leading comedy in business trainer Jill Edwards will teach your team how to deliver more confident, memorable and engaging presentations - that really stand out from the crowd. This unique presentation skills training for business using comedy will improve the communication skills of your team and get your message across more effectively.

Over twenty-five years, Jill Edwards has specialised in presentation skills training for business using comedy. Her presentation skills workshops have taught a wide range of professionals across the board how to use subtle appropriate humour to improve their presentation skills and communication skills when speaking in public. They include marketing and promotional staff for international brand name products, senior academic and research staff presenting scientific or engineering concepts at Imperial College, Home Office staff, Deloitte LLP, members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, female staff and lecturers at Oxford University, sales teams at Legal & General and design teams at Microsoft. 

Jill Edwards groundbreaking practical presentation skills workshops, specifically designed for non-comics, utilise the basic techniques of stand-up comedy, which Jill has adapted for highly effective use in the business world. 

Working in small groups your team will have fun while learning how to use straightforward comedy writing techniques to generate and build subtle appropriate humour into presentations. How to connect instantly, improve communication skills to communicate complex ideas more effectively. How to use appropriate visual humour to illustrate and reinforce key points to make them memorable. Plus simple top stand-up comic tips to beat nerves, boost confidence and give your team that edge.  

Presentation skills workshops are individually tailored to fit client needs and can be for small to larger groups of delegates or for specific events. For further information please e-mail Jill on: Or check out Jill's morale boosting online stand-up comedy training for business

If you, as an individual, would like to boost your presentation or public speaking skills by learning some fun stand-up basics check out Jill's short taster comedy courses or weekend comedy courses  or Jill's online comedy courses

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