Weekend Comedy Courses

Jill's weekend comedy courses for beginners offer you an inspirational experience of learning how to create, write and perform your own stand-up comedy. And they're always a lot of fun!

It's a great way to boost your confidence, improve your current skills or just try something different in a safe environment and have a fun go at stand-up. The end result is a short stand-up set, which you can choose to perform to your family and friends in the Komedia's intimate venues at Brighton or Bath.

Jill believes if you've ever laughed you already have the skills you need to make others' laugh. All you need now are her unique range of practical comedy writing and performance techniques to access your latent comedy skills and make friends with your "inner comic."

The skills you'll acquire also apply to other areas of your life, writing, performing, wedding speeches, public speaking, communication and presentation skills. It's a relaxed and friendly stand-up comedy weekend experience and it’s always a lot of fun!

Places on Jill's two day weekend stand-up comedy courses are regularly bought as presents for family and friends. It's a popular gift for someone looking to improve current skills or who's always wanted to have a go at stand-up comedy.  

This is a socially distanced comedy course in a fully covid compliant venue so you can relax and enjoy!

Book your place on a course with Jill

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Please book early; as the highly acclaimed originals, Jill Edwards stand-up comedy courses are very popular and sell out well in advance.

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