Comedy course testimonials

  • Jimmy Carr

    People say comedy can’t be taught. They could learn a lot from Jill Edwards

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning TV comedian Jimmy Carr

  • Romesh Ranganathan

    I wouldn't be a professional comic if it wasn't for Jill Edwards. I felt like I had hit a plateau. After my first lesson with Jill, things just moved on immediately. People were telling me I'd improved hugely and I was being offered better and better gigs. Jill's advice enabled me to establish myself and move onto the next level. 

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning TV comedian Romesh Ranganathan  

  • Angela Barnes

    I cannot recommend Jill Edwards’ stand up course highly enough. It’s incredibly valuable in getting you started.This comedy course can change your life, and I sincerely mean that.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate award winning Radio and TV comedian Angela Barnes

  • Seann Walsh

    It is safe to say that I would not be doing stand-up comedy today if it wasn’t for Jill Edwards. The writing and performance skills I learnt on her course were invaluable. It's the fast route to becoming a comic.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning TV comedian Seann Walsh

  • Hannah Chambers

    Jill's comedy classes have become my comedy backbone - when talking to up and coming comics I hear Jill's voice emerging.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate Hannah Chambers, Chambers Management, represents some of the UK's top comedians, including Sarah Millican and Jimmy Carr

  • Shaparak Khorsandi

    Jill helped me get my first stand-up set together, also being on her comedy course was invaluable support as I found my feet on the comedy circuit. But above all, the experience was immense fun and I would recommend it to anyone interested in comedy.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning TV comic Shaparak Khorsandi

  • Tasha Dhanraj

    What I learnt on Jill's stand-up comedy course is and always will be an integral part of my comedy career. Her comedy course not only gave me invaluable advice about writing and performing that will stay with me forever, but she also has a sharp knowledge of the comedy industry itself and has been forever generous in helping me make the right decisions at the most fragile stage of my career. There's not a more supportive person in the comedy industry. 

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and multiple award winning comedy writer Tasha Dhanraj

  • Toby Whithouse

    The mark of a good teacher is how they tailor their methods to meet the needs of each individual student. Jill understands that there are as many different kinds of comedian as there are kinds of people, so doesn’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. And the change she brings about in her students has to be seen to be believed. It’s a great experience and I can’t recommend it enough.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and TV writer, including "Doctor Who" and creator and writer of BBC3's "Being Human" Toby Whithouse

  • Hal Cruttenden

    I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it without Jill.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning TV comedian "The Royal Variety Show," "Live at the Apollo" Hal Cruttenden

  • Shazia Mirza

    Jill Edwards is absolutely brilliant at showing you how to get started. Jill is a great teacher and instils each student with confidence and a realistic belief in themselves as well as enhancing the most important thing – individuality.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate UK’s first female Muslim award winning stand-up comic Shazia Mirza

  • Paul McCaffrey

    Without Jill Edwards, I would not be the comic I am today. But don’t let that put you off.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate Paul McCaffrey award winning TV comedian "Live at the Apollo" "Impractical Jokers"

  • Liz Carr

    I loved being part of Jill’s stand-up comedy course. I can’t recommend her enough.  What I love about Jill is that it’s not about ego or competition or ambition or individuals – she just genuinely seems to want everyone on the course to be funny and to get on stage and have a go. I think that’s what makes her approach unique. 

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate comedian and actress Liz Carr "Abnormally Funny People" "Silent Witness" "The Witcher" "The Normal Heart"

  • Jenny Colgan

    It completely changed my whole life and my perception of my abilities in every way.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning best seller writer Jenny Colgan

  • Christian Jegard

    A wonderful and unique course if you're trying to get started in comedy - Jill brings out and helps you hone your writing and performing skills in the practical, thorough and truly informed way that only the wisest teachers can. An invaluable experience! 

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning online comedy content creator and comedian Christian Jegard

  • Simon Evans

    When I signed-up for Jill Edwards comedy course I never intended to make a career out of it all. I did it for fun. I would definitely recommend it. Above all it’s an opportunity to find your feet in a nurturing environment rather than a hostile one.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and award winning TV comedian "Michael McIntyre's Roadshow," "Live at the Apollo" Simon Evans

  • Sam Williams

    Without Jill's expertise, I wouldn't be doing stand-up. Her industry savvy approach means that you can enter the world of comedy with great confidence, knowing that she's in your corner. Do this course - it will change your life. 

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate and Chortle Student New Comedy Award runner-up 2021 Sam Williams

  • Steve Day

    I wouldn't be a comedian if it wasn't for Jill Edwards. It's all her fault. 

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate and the UK's first deaf comedian Steve Day "Abnormally Funny People" 

  • Garrett Millerick

    Jill is simply one of comedy’s master mechanics. She helped me identify strengths and weaknesses in my writing and changed my approach to exploring ideas and shaping routines. She’s one of the biggest advocates for new comedians in the industry and has been unwavering with her support and advice over the years.

    Critically acclaimed best selling ("Sunflower" "Smile") comedian Garrett Millerick

  • Francesca Martinez

    Jill's comedy course changed my life. It was a turning point. I had always tried to ignore my disability (mild cerebral palsy). Suddenly, I could talk about things I had never acknowledged. Jill is a great teacher. Her comedy course is a great step on the road to becoming a stand up comic. I recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in comedy.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate and award winning TV comedian "Extras," "Jonathan Ross Show" Francesca Martinez

  • James Bannon

    If I hadn't done Jill Edwards stand-up comedy course there is no way I would've written a book or done a show. Jill gave me back my love and passion for performing. I couldn't recommend Jill's comedy course highly enough.

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate James Bannon performer and writer of Sunday Times Bestseller "Running with the Firm" 

  • Dinesh Nathan

    If you've ever thought about trying stand up Jill is who you go and see! I wouldn't be doing stand up if it weren't for Jill Edwards!

    Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops graduate and South Coast Comedian of the Year Winner. Finalist - Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, Komedia New Comedy Award 2020 Dinesh Nathan

  • Latest 7

    It is impossible to overstate the inspiring brilliance of the Jill Edwards stand-up comedy workshops at Brighton's Komedia. Jill Edwards should be celebrated and saluted (in any order) for nurturing the current crop of high-calibre local comics. Book a place if you can, it’s the best way to start.

    Steve Saul, Latest 7

  • Malcolm Hay

    The workshops run by Jill Edwards rapidly gained a reputation among new comics as the place to go for anyone with serious hopes of getting their act together.

    Malcolm Hay, Comedy Critic, Time Out

  • Cheryl Gabriel

    Jill Edwards has compiled what must rank as the most sought-after stand up comedy course in existence, teaching students everything from how to write their first funny line, to how to die gracefully when performing it!

    Cheryl Gabriel, producer Radio 4

  • Matt Keating, The Guardian

    Within three hours she has me writing and performing a three minute stand-up set.

    Matt Keating, The Guardian

  • Padraic McKiernan, Sunday Independent

    A weekend like this is the perfect stand-up simulator for those who lack the temperament for the baptism of molten lava that is the average open-mike slot.

    Padraic McKiernan, Sunday Independent

  • Ashley Bird, Sussex Life

    "My quest to find the heart of Brighton and Hove’s comedy world has taught me much. The scene is eclectic, of the highest quality and occupies a cherished place in the city’s heart. People like Stephen Grant, Jill Edwards and Nicky Haydn are the catalysts for its success."

    Ashley Bird, Sussex Life