13 Jun, 2017 | weekend stand up comedy course, komedia brighton,

A Big Fun Little Stand-Up Show in Brighton Komedia's Studio Bar...

Class of June 2017 Weekend Comedy Course at Komedia Brighton

I've just enjoyed a brilliant weekend with these fantastic funny people on my June 2017 weekend comedy course at Komedia Brighton. I love the exciting and eclectic range of people from all over the country and all different walks of life that are drawn together by a shared interest in stand-up on my weekend comedy courses. They all left the Komedia on Sunday with new friends for life. 

This group reminded me again how utterly unique everybody is and how important accessing that uniqueness is to creating original stand-up comedy. When I feel I've got to know people on one of my shorter courses it's been through the authentic and original jokes they've written. When an audience is watching a stand-up comedian on stage they should feel and I think they want to feel that they've got to know that comedian. I guess it boils down to the only true path to originality is to be authentically you. Only you can be you. Everything else has been done.

One of the things I love most about teaching stand-up comedy is that incredible uniqueness of people. They start off on day one as a group. Most of them convinced that there is nothing unique about them, but in my experience absolutely everybody is totally unique, and given the right comedy mining tools - they'll see it, and so will we. It blows me away every time... 

Our big fun little comedy show in Komedia's Studio Bar to conclude my weekend comedy course was totally unique and laugh out loud funny. I can't wait to meet a whole new group and do it all over again on my next weekend comedy course, but this time it's at Komedia Bath.

Our big fun little stand-up show in Brighton Komedia's Studio Bar