11 Jul, 2017 | competition, stand up comedy course, graduate news

A Bumper Crop of Jill's Comedy Course Graduates in "So You Think You're Funny" 2017 Semi-Finals...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Dinesh Nathan

I'm delighted to be sending out more huge and heartfelt congratulations to my stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton graduates. This time it's to Dinesh Nathan, Kirsten Brown, James Tully, Sam Middleton, Karen Blott and Konstantin Kisin (again).

This sensational six have all made it through the heats to the semi-finals of highly prestigious comedy competition "So You Think You're Funny." If you're at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer please join me in cheering them all on. I think these eclectic six new stand-ups perfectly represent my latest stand-up comedy course graduate crop. I'm so very proud of them. 

I'm wondering if one of these six will follow in the footsteps of my Komedia Brighton comedy course graduates Seann Walsh, Ingrid Dahle and Romesh Ranganathan who all made it all the way through to the Finals of this long established competition. But I know that whatever happens the future is looking bright for them and they will continue to make me proud of them. 

Graduate James Tully

Graduate Kirsten Brown

Graduate Karen Blott

Graduate Konstantin Kisin

Graduate Sam Middleton