26 Apr, 2015 | workshops

A Comedy Journey, a Class Act and the New Act Night Giants...

I've loved teaching this glorious group of comedy fledglings on my Spring 2015 Stand-Up Comedy Course at Brighton's Komedia. We've truly had a blast. Teaching this eclectic group of lovely people from all walks of life to develop into newbie comedians over the twelve Saturday afternoons of my Komedia Brighton comedy course has, as always, been fun, exciting, and full of discovery, not just for them but for me too; I seem to learn a little bit more about how to teach stand-up from every single comedy course I teach. I think it's being part of their individual journeys into stand-up comedy, within the whole group's increasingly exciting journey, that I enjoy the most. And now my latest comedy fledglings are revving-up to take to the stage for the very first time in our "New Act Night" at Komedia Brighton. 

My stand-up comedy course graduate the wonderful Angela Barnes (below right) is back again to MC our show and to celebrate six years since she first took to the stage in her "New Act Night." Since then she's won awards and been all over the tele and I still get to be part of her exciting journey that started six years ago in my comedy class at Komedia.

Who knows if the journey of one of my fledgling comedians taking the stage on Weds May 6th will bring them back in the future to MC a "New Act Night" or Comic Boom, or even a Krater, and to follow in the fantastic footsteps of my previous comedy course graduates. I guess a comedian's journey is never really over because with great success comes continuing exciting new opportunities, and if they're my comedy course graduates - over excited texts!

I'm also taking a moment to send out my heartfelt thanks to the excellent Victoria Nangle from Latest 7 for her great Comedy feature "Class Act." It's a potted history of my New Act Night shows, how she got involved in it all, and it brings back more than a few very happy memories. She says some really nice things in her feature about the fledglings comedians from my comedy courses and their "New Act Night" shows:

"Those of you who regularly go to see new act shows will know that certain subjects and topics can fall into vogue with newbies - whether it's The Budget or Kim Kardashian's hair. The beauty with this lot is that all of it has come straight from their noggins with none of that cross-contamination of material, meaning that this truly is original and fresh skewed perspectives on the world that I have never heard before. And I love it." Victoria Nangle, Latest 7 

Click on link to read full article "Class Act" by Latest 7's Victoria Nangle: http://issuu.com/latestmagazines/docs/latest7_725/12…

Gate crashing photographs was joyfully rife on the last day of my Spring 2015 Stand-Up Comedy Course but only Karen (below centre) gate crashed a "height check." Our comedy giants Jack (left) and Andrew (right) are so tall their heads are almost above the stage lights! 

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