02 Dec, 2021 | stand up comedy course, graduate news, comedy competiton

"South Coast Comedian of the Year '21" Final with Four Graduates!

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduates in "South Coast Comedian of the Year" Grand Final 2021

I'm sending out such proud congratulations to my Komedia Brighton stand-up comedy course graduates James Ellis, Graeme Collard, James Danielewski and Jack Abela. All four of them have made it all the way through to the "South Coast Comedian of the Year 2021" Grand Final! I'm so excited about it!

This competition has previously been won by several of my stand-up comedy course graduates. Joe Foster and Mike Cox both took the title of winner in their respective years.They both went on to become professional working comics. When Mike started out on my stand-up course he was a policeman. Joe was going slowly mad in a very dull office job. They're both much happier now! 

Whatever happens in the Grand Final of the "South Coast Comedian of Year 2021" I know my Komedia Brighton stand-up comedy course students will make me proud. 


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