03 Dec, 2016 | komedia brighton, stand up comedy course

A New Act Night Show Rehearsal with Sugar Highs, Cheese & Monster Munch...

My wonderful funny Autumn 2016 fledgling comedians

We had a ridiculous amount of fun at today's last rehearsal before these lovely fledgling comedians from my stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton take the stage for the first time ever in our "New Act Night." This rehearsal was almost entirely fuelled by sweets, cheese and Monster Munch. I can't wait to see these wonderful funny people on stage on Tuesday. It's always such a great show and the atmosphere is just electric and watching my fledglings on stage for the first time is emotional. Note to self: please don't do happy tears this time!

If you're coming along to the show please consider bringing the acts some packets of Monster Munch or a slab of cheese. This hard working happy group ate more at final rehearsal than most of my comedy classes eat in a 12 week term.

Ten years ago my Autumn 2006 stand-up comedy course fledglings took to the stage for the first time in my December 2006 "New Act Night" at Komedia. They went on to create "Charity Chuckle," "Rabbits in the Headlights," Latest 7's Comedy Listings, win public speaking and comedy awards and work in television. My comedy newbie who closed the show in December 2006 was the wonderful Seann Walsh (front row, first left). Happy 10th Anniversary you beautiful class of Autumn 2006.   

My incredible Autumn 2006 stand-up comedy course fledglings

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