25 Jan, 2021 | online comedy show, weekend stand up comedy course

A Weekend of Fun and Laughs on Jill's Online Weekend Comedy Course......

My online weekend comedy course is the ultimate confidence boosting misery buster for a lockdown Winter weekend. This super nice group on my online stand-up course this weekend swapped the gloom and doom for laughs with new friends, and had fun learning how to create their own stand-up comedy. It was the perfect escape from it all. 

My online weekend comedy course also covers how to get started creating your own online comedy content. It's always a lot of fun! My special guest new rising online comedy star and my Komedia Brighton stand-up comedy course graduate Christian Jegard joined us to help out. Homework on Saturday night was to watch some of Christian's brilliantly funny online comedy sketches and songs on his youtube channel. Everyone loved them. It was the best homework ever! 

The fantastic funny folk on my weekend comedy course created great short stand-up sets and a brilliant online comedy content clip to conclude their weekend with me. It was very chilled and fun and we laughed A LOT.  

I'm looking forward to doing it all again with my online weekend comedy course in April. And I'm excited about my next full-length International comedy course in March. I'm also looking forward to returning to my face to face stand-up comedy courses back home at Komedia Brighton in the summer. This exciting new combination of my face to face comedy courses, and online stand-up courses - with people all across the World - is really working for me.  

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