18 Feb, 2015 | news

Bestselling Author Jenny Colgan's Best Ever Investment ...

The Sun on Sunday's Fabulous Magazine (15/02/15) asked some super successful women about their best ever investment (above) and my lovely stand-up comedy course graduate bestselling author Jenny Colgan (below) named my comedy course as her "best ever investment."

I'm proud and a little bit tear in the eye. Jenny did my stand-up comedy course back in 1996, before I moved it and myself to Brighton and Brighton's Komedia. I have fond memories of teaching my comedy course at the City Lit, back when mine was the only stand-up comedy course in London, and nobody had heard of such a course in the UK.

We're still in touch but I remember everything Jenny talks about in this feature and the feeling that she'd got "something." It makes me incredibly happy that the fantastic Jenny turned that "something" into such a super successful writing career.  

When Jenny graduated from my advanced comedy workshop and wrote her very successful and very funny first book "Amanda's Wedding" she gave me one of my favourite quotes about her experience of my stand-up comedy course. 

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