06 Sep, 2011 | news

"Chello Zone" and the Untapped Business Tool of Humour

I was invited by Andrew Kidger from "Chello Zone" who look after various cable and satellite channels' marketing to deliver training for his team that would provide "the perfect cocktail of fun and inspiration, as well as helping to develop confidence and presenting skills." Andrew chose a great location in the fascinating "Museum of Brands" in beautiful Notting Hill. It was a pleasure working with his bright, interesting and yes, very funny team. 


"Jill organised an informative and fun-filled workshop for our large'ish team, many of whom had little or no experience of public speaking and presenting, let alone being funny! Using the basic techniques of stand-up comedy is a brilliant and engaging way to build confidence and teamwork and everyone raved about it afterwards. Not only did we learn some great techniques - we all laughed, a lot!" Andrew Kidger, Chello Zone 

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