25 Sep, 2018 | stand up comedy course, komedia brighton

Comic BABY Boom is a Hit with Brighton Comedy Club Promoters Again...

Jill's Advanced Workshop "Comic BABY Boomers"

What a night! These fantastic funny folk performed in two terrific sell out "Comic BABY Boom" shows at Komedia Brighton last night. I put these shows on every year in the winter term of my Advanced Comedy Workshop. The aim of my "Comic BABY Boom" shows is to showcase my Advanced Comedy Workshops students who've got their first strong five minute sets together and are ready to start gigging. 

I invite all the local South East comedy club promoters to come along as my guests and find some new acts for their comedy clubs. I'm always delighted by how many of them want to come along and it's always a really sociable ocassion.

This year we had a record number of comedy club promoters in the audience and a record number of bookings for every single performer in both "Comic BABY Boom" shows! They're all off and running and gigging all over the place now. It's really exciting! 

"Comic BABY Boom" MC Barry Ferns

Komedia Brighton

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