01 May, 2020 | comic boom comedy club, komedia brighton

Comic Boom Comedy Club at Komedia Brighton Goes Online...

Comic Boom comedy club is online at Komedia Live!

I know when I look back on this time, the challenge that will stand out as the maddest, will be creating an online version of my comedy club Comic Boom Live! completely from scratch. Komedia were keen to have it done in time for our next Comic Boom comedy club date, which was Thursday April 30th. We'd had to cancel our March 26th Comic Boom, which was just after lockdown, and cancelling another one just felt too much.That gave me two weeks. 

It felt like the start of a film. I had to get "the band" together. We had no money and no time but I had a dream of an online comedy club that would work. I was very lucky. I had a team of my advanced comedy workshop students working on the look of the show - trailer, opening credits, cartoon stings, footage, editing clips. While I found, chose and asked acts who had performed at Comic Boom if we could use their clips. And tracked down acts who could create great online comedy content for us.

I had no idea I had kept clips of comedians performing at Comic Boom going back to 2015. There were some joyful finds like my stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton graduates Seann Walsh and Romesh Ranganathan when they were my resident Comic Boom MC's. I also found a tremendous clip of Lee Ridley aka Lost Voice Guy playing Comic Boom the year before he won "Britian's Got Talent." He very kindly gave me permission to use his clip in the show and his clip will headline our June 25th Boom Live! 

One of the great strokes of luck for Comic Boom Live! came in the shape of our hosts "Short & Curly."  They are my former Comic Boom at Komedia Brighton regular MC Paul F Taylor (Curly) and his wife Rebecca Shorrocks (Short). The hosts of the show were going to be live-streaming their links, and so far nobody had nailed how to make that work for online comedy. The answer for me was to use a double act. They play off each other and they're so much less reliant on audience laughter and interaction than a solo MC. Don't get me started on the craziness of streaming live links in between pre-recorded clips but Paul and Becky totally nailed it. 

By the second week nobody had slept and my brilliant editor and assitant director James Ellis and I were working round the clock to pull it all together in time. I could not have done this without James. My comedy course graduate Simon Evans donated a completely mad joke he filmed on his mobile phone. Jody Kamali filmed himself juggling plastic bags in his kitchen. Christian Jegard wrote a song "Stay Inside" and filmed himself singing it in his flat, and it was brilliant. It was all completely crazy.

And somehow on the weekend before the first ever Comic Boom Live! we had a show. It was broadcast on Komedia LIve! last night. The feedback has been tremendous. And I will always be eternally grateful to everyone who stepped up and helped me create the very first Comic Boom Live!

I hope you enjoy the show. You can find "Comic Boom Live!" here at Comic Boom comedy club. Comic Boom Live! will continue on the last Thursday of every month just like a normal Boom. I am going to lie down now...  

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