28 Jun, 2012 | workshops

Comic Boom the Turkish Prince and the Undercover Cop

Naz Osmanoglu (pictured left) currently appearing on BBC3's "Live at the Electric" as part of sketch group "Wit Tank" worked his way up the ranks at Comic Boom and tonight he stormed in his first headline spot. It's not every day we have a headline act who's a Turkish prince and nineteenth in line to the Ottaman throne! Latest 7's Victoria Nangle spoke to Naz about it all earlier in the week. Click on link to read article: www.thelatest.co.uk_028_031_LS583_previews_editorial

Workshops graduate James Bannon is a writer and stand-up comedian with more than one fascinating story to tell. He joined my comedy course at Komedia in 2010 to re-train as a stand-up comedian and turned his extraordinary life into comedy gold. Jamie wrote iconic film "ID" about his time as an undercover policeman infiltrating a  gang of football hooligans. It's just been re-released. He's a regular Boom act but tonight he took to the stage after a cracking radio interview and a chat to Argus journalist Dominic Smith. Click on link to read article: www.theargus.co.uk/theguide

Our thanks are going out to Naz, Vicky, Jamie, Dom and Radio Sussex for all the promo this week. Comic Boom sold out. We had a blast. Naz didn't look so much like a Turkish prince in a t-shirt and jeans...