20 Dec, 2017 | competition, graduate news

Graduate Martin Wratten Nominated for "Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year"....

Graduate Martin Wratten "Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year" 2018 Nominee

Yesterday could not have started better. I had a phone call from my stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton graduate Martin Wratten. Very exciting news! Martin's been nominated for highly prestigious comedy award "Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year!" I stood up. I sat down. I stood up again and did my little dance. It was more exciting than Christmas!

Martin won two local comedy competitions in 2017. The Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival "Newcomer of the Year" and the "South Coast Comedian of the Year." Now he's going to be kicking-off 2018 performing in the Final of one of the biggest comedy competitions around.

"Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year" is a special competition. There are no heats. It goes straight to a Final. All the comedians in that Final have been nominated by a select band of comedy club promoters. The line-up for the Final is consequently a list of the most exciting new rising comedy stars currently performing at comedy clubs across the country.

My Komedia Brighton comedy class graduates Seann Walsh and Romesh Ranganathan have both won "Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year" in previous years but just being in the Final is honour enough.

This competition is also responsible for one of my all time favourite photos of one of my comedy course graduates. It's the photo of Ingrid Dahle when they announced she was runner-up of "Leicester Mercury Newcomer of the Year" 2015. Who knows how she'd have reacted if she'd actually won!   

Graduate Ingrid Dahle "Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year" 2015

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