16 Feb, 2021 | online comedy course, advanced stand up comedy workshop

Happy Pancake Day from all at Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops......

My advanced stand-up comedy workshop is running online at the moment so amongst other things we're having a lot of fun creating and developing original online comedy content. We have refused to be daunted by lockdown after lockdown. We have plenty of exciting new online comedy projects to keep us all busy in our online comedy classes.

I set projects for my brilliant comedy group but they also individually and as a group create their own new projects. They're developing individual online comedy content for class projects and for their own channels, new and interesting podcasts, and even an online comic strip! And we create every aspect of "New to Boom" every month in partnership with Komedia Brighton. I'm so proud of them. 

There may be no comedy club gigs at the moment but it's also important my comedy students keep their stand-up sets sharp so that they don't get "comedically fat!" We'll have a comedy circuit to help re-build in Brighton when everything's open again. And me and my stand-up comedy students will be 100% ready for it. They did manage to make progress and do some great comedy gigs during the summer inbetween lockdowns. Again - just so proud of them. 

So - here's five minutes of nutty laughs to give you all a giggle today. We hope you enjoy them. Happy Pancake Day one and all! 

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