11 Oct, 2020 | online stand up comedy courses, International comedy courses

Jill Beats Winter Blues with New Online International Comedy Course...

I'm very excited to announce my new online International Comedy Course is on sale and filling up fast with participants from all across the country and all around the World. I can't wait to meet up with them for fun and sociable comedy classes online every week. It might feel like a rather long winter this year so this online course is my better than chicken soup stand-up comedy course antidote. You're welcome. 

I've really enjoyed developing my online comedy classes. I'm having a lot of fun with my three hour online stand-up comedy workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to use humour in their work, life or play. I'm also teaching these online comedy workshops privately for interesting social clubs and businesses. My online weekend comedy courses are also definitely here to stay alongside my usual face to face weekend comedy courses. The chance to develop new comedy courses is always really exciting and I've enjoyed embracing this exciting challenge. 

My International Comedy Course is my first full-length online global stand-up comedy course for beginners'. Now whererever you are in the World you can learn everything you need to know to get you started in stand-up. My award winning television regular comedy course gradaute Angela Barnes will be back with her excellent Q & A. And as it's on online comedy course you'll also learn how to get started with creating, filming and editing your own online comedy content. 

This exciting new online course fits nicely in between my face to face 12 Saturdays stand-up comedy courses and my intensive one week comedy courses at Komedia Brighton. My International online comedy course is 8 consecutive Wednesday evening classes, with fun and interesting homework to do in between each class. Homework is optional though so it's not at all like school!

The picture at the top of this blog of my award winning television regular comedy workshops graduates Angela Barnes, Romesh Ranganathan and me was taken on the night before New Year's Eve backstage at my comedy club Comic Boom at Komedia Brighton. Angela was headlining and Romesh was trying out new material. It's a great reminder of a brilliant Winter in comedy. My International comedy course will be a great way to get through this crazy Winter, and with a group of new like-minded friends from all around the World. And at the end of it they'll have a short stand-up set to call their own. I'm very much looking forward to all of it. There will be no Winter blues on my watch. 


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