08 Dec, 2021 | stand up comedy course, komedia brighton

Jill's Autumn Stand-Up Comedy Course ends with a Standing Ovation at "New Act Night".......

Jill's Autumn 2021 comedy class at Komedia Brighton

I'm feeling incredibly proud of my class of Autumn '21 Komedia Brighton stand-up comedy course group today. Our "New Act Night" show last night at Komedia was amazing. Our huge enthusiastic audience were just delighted by every single one of my fledgling stand-up comics. They were all brave and brilliant and so funny.

Our happy audience enjoyed the show so much they gave my comedy newbies a heartfelt standing ovation at the end of it. People leapt into the air with their arms up cheering! People stood up in groups clapping and cheering. It was such a glorious thing to watch and my latest comedy newbies deserved it all. 

This comedy class group have been a joy to teach. They were the most wonderful eclectic mix of every day people as usual. This time we had an engineer, a couple of Mums, a couple of Dads, a journalist, a builder, a university student, a squaddie, an admin assistant and even a Vicar.

It was as always an absolute joy watching their progress from nervous and unsure at the start of the course to learning how to write their first jokes to standing on stage delivering them to a delighted audience of over 215 people at the end. And I don't think one of them believed they were going to be able to do that when they first started out on day one of my stand-up comedy course! 

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