03 Oct, 2019 | komedia brighton, advanced comedy workshop

Jill's Comedy Class Rocks "Comic BABY Boom" at Komedia Brighton...

Our fabulous funny "Comic BABY Boom" 7pm show line-up

I'm still on a high from watching my crazy wonderful advanced comedy class triumph in both our "Comic BABY Boom" shows at Brighton's Komedia. These shows are for everyone in my advanced comedy workshop group who's got a strong, funny, tight five minute set that they're ready to start gigging with. The last time these lovely people performed at Komedia it was in our "New Act Night" show at the end of my full-length foundation stand-up comedy course. "Comic BABY Boom" is their next step. 

I invite all our brilliant local small comedy club promoters from in and around Brighton to both "Comic BABY Boom" shows. They always have fun and they book the performers they think will work best for their comedy nights. It's proving to be a terrific way of getting my new comedians started on their very first very important rungs of the comedy business ladder. Today has been full of excited messages from my fledgling comedians as the bookings roll in and lovely positive feedback from our local promoters.   

It was an incredible night. I watched in awe as every single one of my advanced comedy workshop group took the stage and performed at their absolute best. We had the most delightful enthusiastic and happy sold out audiences for both "Comic BABY Boom" shows. Our MC was the marvellous Barry Ferns. There were moments last night when I just felt so incredibly proud of my stand-up newbies I could hardly breathe. I loved every single minute of it. As did my comedy fledglings, our local promoters and our wonderful audience and - what a truly great night!

Our happy hilarious "Comic BABY Boom" 9pm show line-up

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