19 Feb, 2020 | stand up comedy course, graduate news, competition

Jill's Comedy Course Graduate Dinesh Nathan in Final of Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2020...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Dinesh Nathan

I'm wishing my Komedia Brighton comedy course graduate Dinesh Nathan all the luck in the World in the Final of prestigious comedy competition "Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the Year" on Saturday. My stand-up comedy class graduates have a good track record in this new comedian competition from the long-established and ever popular Leicester Comedy Festival.

My stand-up comedy course graduates Romesh Ranganathan and Seann Walsh have both won it in the past. And my comedy class graduate Ingrid Dahle was a recent runner-up. The photo of Ingrid (below) when they announced that she was runner-up remains one of my all time favourite photos of one of my comedy course graduates. She looks like she's won an Oscar! 

"Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the Year" is an interesting competition. It's prestigious because the comedians in the Final are nominated to be in the Final by establshed comedy promoters from all around the country. I've been a judge for this Final before and it's always packed with exciting rising comedy stars. I'm delighted that Dinesh Nathan is a 2020 Finalist. I know he'll make me proud.  

Jill Edwards Comedy Course Graduate Ingrid Dahle past runner-up Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year

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