05 Jul, 2018 | stand up comedy course, komedia brighton, graduate news

Jill's Fabulous Four in the 2018 "So You Think You're Funny" Semi-Finals...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate James Danielewski

I'm sending out more proud congratulations this time to my fabulous four stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton graduates Jack Abela, James Danielewski, Fran Kissling & Conor McReynolds. They've all got through the Brighton heats and made it into the Edinburgh Fringe Festival semi-finals of highly prestigious comedy competition "So You Think You're Funny?"

I'm wearing out floors with all the opportunites to do my little dance of joy that my wonderful comedy course graduates are giving me this summer! If you're up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival please join me at the "So You Think You're Funny" heats cheering them all on. Dancing is optional...

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Fran Kissling

Jill Edwards Comedy Workshops Graduate Jack Abela