01 Dec, 2021 | online comedy courses, International comedy courses

Jill's Winter International Comedy Course Online...

Jill's Autumn 2021 International comedy course online

These fantastic funny people have been such a joy to teach on my online International comedy course. One of the surprising results of working out how to design and then teach stand-up comedy courses on Zoom during various lockdowns is that I now teach people not just from all across the country but also from all around the World. In the last two years I think there's been somebody from every country in one of my online comedy classes at some point. I love that!

I always enjoy teaching my International comedy course online because of that exciting eclectic mix of International participants. This time there were people from Copehnagen, Greece, Denmark and three people from Sweden. They've gone on to join my International advanced comedy workshop online and added to a group that already has pariticipants in it from New York, Florida, Vienna and two people from Ireland. It's our own little online global comedy community. 

The other thing I enjoy about this particular online comedy course is that it allows me to include a class on creating online comedy content. It's not something I can teach in face to face stand-up comedy classes. This group of participants made some hilarious videos. Award winning online comedy content creator Christian Jegard popped in to help us with it. It was a really fun class.

I'm looking forward to doing it all again on my Summer International comedy course with another eclectic group of people from all over the World who've been brought together by a shared interest in having a go at stand-up comedy. How nice is that!

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