10 May, 2022 | stand up comedy course, komedia brighton

Jills Latest Newbie Comics Fly the Nest at Komedia...

Jill's class of Spring 2022 stand-up comedy course

It was our "New Act Night" show at Komedia Brighton for the latest stand-up comedy fledglings on my Spring 2022 stand-up comedy course last night! And they were wonderful! I am SO proud of each and every one of them. We had a terrific happy audience - as per. They were just the best audience. 

My comedy course graduate and our MC last night Angela Barnes was tremendous. I love that Angela who seems to be all over the television at the moment still comes back home to compere this show. It's a long time ago now since Angela was one of my brilliant stand-up comedy fledglings. 

My "New Act Night" show is always the happiest most upbeat comedy show anyone is ever likely to attend. It's impossible to explain what it'll be like to one of my stand-up comedy classes, until they actually get to do it.Then - they'll never, ever forget their first gig at our "New Act Night" show at Komedia Brighton. What a night!!!

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