12 Apr, 2020 | online stand up comedy courses

Jill's Stand-up Comedy Courses Go Online...

Jill's online advanced comedy workshop group

These are bizarre times indeed but I'm finding the restrictions strangely inspiring. I'm having a lot of fun creating exciting new online stand-up comedy courses. I'm re-designing some of my usual stand-up comedy courses to work online as well. I'm developing new practical online comedy writing exercises that take full advantage of the fact that a comedy class is online. I've loved the challenge of working out how to do everything I want to do on Zoom. It's been work but I've been inspired and pushed to new creative heights by the new challenges and I've felt elated by finding the new solutions. There are great opportunities for my students in online comedy classes during this time. The internet, social media and youtube are their new comedy clubs.  

My lovely advanced comedy workshop students have been a valuable part of this process. They are, as always, happy to be my online comedy course guinea pigs. I love this photo of them. I have no idea why Andrew is dressed as a clown. It's become the sort of comedy class where I don't even notice that sort of thing. There's usually at least one person wearing a false beard or a wig. There's usually kids, cats and dogs in the mix at some point as well. We're just having a lot of fun in our online comedy classes. 

It's not all clowns and kids with my advanced comedy workshop. I'm incredibly proud of the online comedy content my current online comedy class are producing. It's exciting watching their progress, as they gradually get more and more confident about filming, editing, sound and even - animation. Christian Jegard is fast becoming my comedy course graduate "one to watch." He made it into the Final of the Komedia New Comedy Award this year. His unique and totally original stand-up is great. His online comedy content is extraordinarily good. This could just be his time.   


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