12 May, 2020 | online stand up comedy courses

Jill's Stand-up Comedy Workshop Goes Global...

Jill Edwards

My yearly Brighton Fringe Festival stand-up comedy workshop is for anyone who fancies learning how to use a bit of humour in their work, life or play. It brings together my corporate comedy training and my stand-up training in one bite-sized taste. It always attracts a brilliant mix of people of all ages and from all different walks of life. It's proving very popular as an online comedy class. 

I was excited when the last few places on this now online stand-up comedy workshop were bought by participants in the States, Thailand and Dubai. I teach private lessons online with comedians all over the World. I love working with the International crowd that my one week comedy course summer holiday brings me every year. But this opening up my regular stand-up comedy courses to the whole World element of teaching comedy courses online is incredibly welcome. I just love the global mix. 

I used to just teach this particular stand-up comedy workshop at Komedia Brighton once a year for the Brighton Fringe Festival. But I'm enjoying teaching it so much I'm making it a regular global online stand-up comedy workshop. Global? I'm not sure that's the right name yet - but you know what I mean. 

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