02 Jan, 2019 | comic boom comedy club, komedia brighton

Jill's Comedy Course Graduates Home for the Holidays at Comic Boom with a Five Star Review...

Comedy Workshops graduate Romesh Ranganathan with Jill backstage at Comic Boom

There is very little that makes me happier than my lovely stand-up comedy course graduates coming home to Comic Boom comedy club to touch base, hang out backstage and make with the funnies onstage. My comedy class graduate and former Comic Boom MC Romesh Ranganathan took a break from being all over our televisions and came home for our last Boom of 2018 to try out new material for his forthcoming tour. Rom was listed as a "surprise guest." He started his set by telling our very over excited audience that he was trying out new material and they hadn't paid for him so if it wasn't funny...

It was hilarious. If you get tickets for his tour in the Autumn you'll be in for a comedy treat. My Komedia Brighton comedy course graduate Angela Barnes was also home at Comic Boom; to headline the show, which she did absolutely brilliantly. Angela and Rom have both been all over our televisions in the last year. It was so good to catch up with them both over backstage banter and chips - just like old times.

The rest of the acts on the bill were superb and all deserving of the title "rising comedy stars." I loved every single thing about our last Comic Boom of 2018. The feedback from our very happy sold out audience was that they loved it too. And comedy reviewer Victoria Nangle was in agreement with all of us. It was the perfect way to end a brilliant year. 

"Comic Boom in December is the Christmas present that keeps on giving, from the carefully selected line-up of comics coming up in their chosen profession, clearly breaking through, as well as loving this set-up so much they return once celebrity has struck. Right on to the comedy-etiquette savvy audience that savour carefully rendered punchlines rather than stamping all over them with heckles and punter conversation. Like a boutique truffle at the end of a year of a Cadbury’s variety box. All tasty, but with that extra treat that encourages you to savour every moment..read full review.. 

Graduates Angela Barnes and Romesh Ranganathan with Jill backstage at Comic Boom

Jill and Rom and our "rising stars" backstage at Comic Boom

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