29 May, 2019 | presenting with confidence and humour, corporate training

Presentations with Humour, Confidence and Legal & General...

Jill Edwards Presenting with Confidence and Humour with Legal & General

I really enjoyed traning the fun and vibrant HR, Learning & Development, Engagement and Comms team at Legal & General on their Away Day in Brighton. I've trained Legal & General teams before so I knew it was going to be a good day. This lovely friendly team wanted to learn how to make their business presentations more engaging, effective and memorable. They wanted to improve their presentation skills by learning how to use some subtle appropriate humour in their work. They also wanted a bit of confidence boosting. 

It was interesting as several of the team were working on presentations containing complex information that they needed to communicate as clearly as they could. It brought back really good memories of  teaching groups of scientists and engineers at Imperial College how to explain their complex experiments to lay people. I'm always excited by how easy it is to turn a complex idea into a simple one and communicate it to an audience by comparing it to things they'll recognise. I also love how much humour particularly a cartoon visual image you create in the minds of your audience can explain, back-up and reinforce key points in a complex business presentation. The team's presentations to conclude the day were excellent. And I learnt a bit about bonds!   

I was delighted to be sent this feedback from one of the team:  "I thought it was a really good day, and took away a few things to work with and a confidence boost. I wasn’t the only one. Jill was great. She gave lots of techniques to work with, created a safe space to practice in, and was really positive and supportive. A fun, collaborative day, and I would thoroughly recommend Jill and the Workshop."

 Paula Cox, Learning & Development Consultant, Legal & General

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