21 Mar, 2011 | news

"Stand Up for Comic Relief" with Brighton's own Neil Pringle

Jill appeared in her role of comedy mentor in the South for Brighton's own radio presenter Neil Pringle in the BBC's television documentary "Stand Up for Comic Relief" in March - twice. It went out on BBC One as "Stand Up for the South" on Sat 12th March, straight after Neil's first ever stand-up gig at the Comedy Cafe, London (below). And nationally as "Stand Up for Comic Relief" on Sun 20th March, after Neil's triumphant but last ever stand-up gig at Brighton's Komedia. Neil put most of the swearing back into his set. Jill got most of it back out again.

Our thanks go out to our modestly bearded BBC Producer Steven George who came up with the crazy idea of making BBC radio and television presenters do stand-up for Comic Relief in the first place. And to BBC Sussex and Surrey's Managing Editor Nicci Holiday for her lovely personal thank-you letter. It was a total pleasure to be involved and to help raise money for such a good cause without having to wear an embarassing t-shirt or shake an embarassed bucket.  

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