06 Feb, 2012 | news

"Stand-Up Uk" at the Eindhoven Comedy Festival


I arrived at the comedy festival to discover that even though Eindhoven was almost buried under snow both "Stand-Up Uk" shows had sold out. Two late shows were added to the programme and timing was tight but David Trent, Ben Target, Mark Simmons and our compere Zoe Lyons (right) took it all in their stride. They gave cracking performances at all four shows and the Dutch fell in love all over again with "cool" English comedy. 

David Trent came on like a rock star. His edgy multi media comedy just blew the Dutch away. They were an up-beat and excited crowd for the early shows. Mark Simmons kept-up the brilliant witty banter on stage while the only two English people in a late show audience were chucked out! The Dutch politely applauded their exit. Ben Target closed his bonkers act by producing an enormous sausage from his trousers. Zoe Lyons was the ultimate compere; hilarious and accurate observations about the Dutch people, which they loved, and even a few jokes in Dutch! The Eindhoven Comedy Festival is always fun and this year apre festival celebrations did involve a bit of drunk cycling through the snow with socks for gloves...