11 Aug, 2013 | news

Workshops Graduate Russ Peers Storms into the "So You Think You're Funny" Final

Our "So You Think You're Funny" excitement just keeps building and I've had another opportunity to do my little dance of joy and feel so proud. I'm sending out my heartfelt congratulations to my superb stand-up comedy course at Komedia Brighton graduate the lovely Russ Peers (above) on winning his semi-final heat tonight and making it all the way through to the prestigious Final of the longest running new competition that is "So You Think You're Funny." 

They're on at the same time but I'm determined to be at the "So You Think You're Funny" heat tomorrow at the Gilded Balloon to cheer on Julie Oliver and Fraser Geesin, and at the "Chortle Student New Comedy Award" Final at the Pleasance to cheer on Rich Perry. I'll need a speedy friendly taxi driver and maybe a time machine...