21 Jul, 2012 | workshops, news

Workshops Graduate Sam Savage wins "Female Comedian of the Year 2012!"

It was an incredible experience, a real highlight and an honour to watch one of my graduates from my stand-up comedy course at Komedia, Sam Savage (pictured left) deliver her superb award winning performance at a fantastic "Funny's Funny" Final last night. When Sam was announced as the winner of the "Female Comedian of the Year 2012" it wasn't just me who spontaneously leapt into the air clapping and cheering. We all did!

Congratulations are also going out to all six of my fantastic stand-up comedy course graduates who've got through to the Edinburgh Festival semi-final heats of top competition "So You Think You're Funny." Mike Cox, Adam Race, Joe Foster, Keiron Nicholson, Paul Jones & Ingrid Dahle. All this excitement in July gave me many opportunities to do a spontaneous little dance of joy. Only once in public in Brighton's Lanes, but I managed to stop myself...