Business Public Speaking Training With Comedy

Jill Edwards has been helping corporates improve public speaking, pitching and presenting for over twenty five years. Jill has shown a wide range of non-comic professionals across the board how to use subtle appropriate humour to get their message across more effectively; reinforce key points, connect instantly, and improve their confidence and presentation skills when speaking in public.

Jill's corporate client list includes Imperial College, The Home Office, The University of Oxford, Hurstpierpoint College, Toastmasters International, Sheila's Wheels, Microsoft and Legal & General.

Jill Edwards stand-up courses are the most established comedy courses in the UK. They have a proven and continuous track record of success since 1994. Over 25 years of teaching stand-up Jill has trained bestselling comedy writers, journalists, agents and some of the UK's award winning television regular comedians, including Jimmy Carr, Shaparak Khorsandi, Angela Barnes, Seann Walsh and Romesh Ranganathan.

Use subtle humour to connect and engage your customers online...

Jill Edwards groundbreaking practical presentation skills workshops, specifically designed for non-comics, utilise the basic techniques of stand-up comedy, which Jill has adapted for highly effective use in the business world. 

A little appropriate humour is a great way to avoid coming across as dry or dull online. Your team can learn how to improve their online presentation skills and online communication skills from the world of stand-up comedy. An online presentation skills workshop with leading comedy in business trainer Jill Edwards will help teach your team how to deliver more confident, memorable and engaging online presentations - that really stand out from the crowd.

This unique online stand-up comedy training for business will teach your team some simple stand-up comic tips to beat nerves and boost online confidence. New ways to communicate complex ideas more effectively. How to use appropriate visual humour to illustrate and reinforce key points to make them memorable. Plus how to use subtle appropriate humour to break the ice, create a rapport and "shake hands" with your customers online. And keep them engaged - despite the distractions of working from home. 

It's the ultimate stress busting morale boosting motivator for your team...

Humour and creativity both inspire you to look at your challenges in new ways and make new connections you haven't thought about before. The upbeat atmosphere of Jill's humour in business training allows your team to relax, play with ideas, brainstorm, innovate and see things in new ways. A training session with Jill is a great way to motivate, reduce stress and boost the moral of teams working remotely. And it's a great way to give your team that edge. 

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